Extreme Writing Challenge #12: “The End”

I knew after the first sentence that this challenge would make me pull out all of my hair.  Can you figure it out?


“I’ll have to ask for your patience,” the nurse said, “as many of Dr. Nelson’s patients have recently been under anesthesia.”

We all wait, drumming our fingers on our clipboards while the room grows heavy with the weight of high hopes.  It’s been an hour since our phones first rang with the news.

A haggard man dressed in scrubs stands before the room and sighs as the size of the audience continues to grow.  There must be at least four hundred journalists here for the big announcement.

The man in the scrubs, Dr. Nelson, seems to be in a daze after almost ninety days of trying to contain the spread of the Q Virus.  Week after week, the world tuned in to the news reports of people suddenly falling weak, coughing up tissues, and clawing at themselves to try and rid their bodies of excruciating itching and pain.

Dr. Nelson says, “Maybe we can all sleep a little more soundly tonight, as I’m here today to confirm that there may be a cure for the Q Virus.”  The room becomes a sea of clapping hands, for we are grateful to see there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

“I have four patients who are willing to speak here today; the rest of them are still too weak from surgery,” Dr. Nelson continues.  The patients come forth, the first three in wheelchairs and the fourth with the assistance of a walker and a nurse.

“This is Roy,” Dr. Nelson says as he motions to the man with the walker, “and though his wounds will heal, he’ll never be the same.”

Roy clears his throat and says, “I’m here because I want all of you to hear my story.  Though there is a hole in all of our hearts from the devastation caused by the Q virus, Dr. Nelson has provided us with a miracle to make us whole again.”

We stand idle as Roy tells his story from the beginning, and ends by tearfully thanking our new idol for his determination to save us all.  As we anxiously prepare to hear the other patients tell us their stories, we breathe deeply knowing there is nothing to fear any longer.


If you didn’t guess the challenge, it was:  each sentence contains a pair of homophones.  This was a great exercise in creativity, especially because I really tried to prevent the homophones from having an echoing effect!


One response to “Extreme Writing Challenge #12: “The End”

  1. This is great! It’s interesting how we naturally read over these words without thinking twice about it. Because of that, I had to read some of the sentences a couple of times in order to find the pair of homophones.

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