Extreme Writing Challenge #15: “Sequoia”

Don’t you just love the days that involve an unexpected burst of creativity?!

I had a lot of fun with the challenge for today’s post (see above).  Can you figure out what it is?


The first time Charles and I kissed was against the cool, knobby trunk of a sequoia.  It was so quiet that our swirling saliva echoed against the air.  The time I had spent curious about which direction his tongue would move or what he would taste like was now nothing but an abstract memory.

We had been at a plateau for so long that I wanted our kiss to answer all of my questions.  Would this become more serious than just a kiss against a tree?  I forced myself to stay in our harmonious bubble, where I lingered in each second as if time had stopped.

When we stopped to catch our breath, it was as if I was seeing Charles for the first time.  I reflected his infectious, goofy smile as we interlaced our fingers.

“Are you anxious?” I asked him.

“Is it obvious?” Charles asked.

“I’m nervous, too,” I said, “and a little queasy, but not in a bad way.”

“You’re as beautiful as this forest,” Charles said.

I felt rebellious standing with Charles under a thick, cypress umbrella.  When once he had graded my thesis paper, I had finally wooed him with a kind of charm he’d never find in a double-spaced dissertation.

“You’re so wonderful, you seem fictitious,” I told him.

“I’m just a liaison between a charming gentleman and a scared little boy,” Charles joked.

I asked if he still wanted to go canoeing.  We had agreed to be cautious and to take things slow, but even a whole day spent with him didn’t feel like enough.

“Normally, I’m impervious to romance,” Charles pondered.  “I shield myself from precious moments like an umbrella stops the rain.  But with you, every moment leaves me feeling vivacious.”

Our fingers still entwined, we headed toward the river with the delicious flavor of new love in our mouths.


This was the challenge:  in each sentence is at least one unique word containing three consecutive vowels.  As it turns out, the list of such words is rather arduous to work with (but not impossible!).

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