Extreme Writing Challenge #20: “Farewell”

Tonight’s story is significantly shorter than most of the others on my blog, and there’s a good reason for it.  This was the kind of challenge that really earns a girl a strong drink.  Enjoy–I’ll reveal the challenge at the end!


Eight hundred years from now, a man from Earth will leave the first footprint on the surface of planet HVT-2X in the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy.  This is a solo mission for Alvin Small, a man of 52 with no family and a history of putting his work first.

For years, Alvin has dreamed of a mission in a foreign galaxy.  With just one step onto HVT-2X’s powdery terrain, Alvin becomes contented with death.  Our brave explorer has filled the last void in a satisfactory life just by touching his foot to a sheet of intergalactic dust.

Alvin surveys the unfamiliar landscape—glassy, glistening trees lining a thick, gummy river—and turns ill when he remembers his visit’s impermanence.

With both feet now on the ground, the excited pioneer tries to plot his course.  There are samples to collect, of rocks, flora, and dirt.  Surrounded by anomalies, Alvin walks forward blindly.  At the mercy of any unexpected creature that may appear, Alvin can only hope to be lucky enough to die here.

He kneels beside the river, dipping his fingers into the viscous yellow liquid.  A cluster of small, red eggs rises and bursts open, revealing nine tiny, four-eyed snakes.  They slither out of the river, where they rest just long enough to sprout little legs.

Our explorer falls backward confoundedly, nearly crushing his lizard-like companions.  Infused in the unusual warmth emitted by HVT-2X’s landscape, Alvin stares back at his ship and prays that its return launch will fail.


If you managed to figure it out, you earn extra gold stars.  If you didn’t, it was:  Each sentence cannot contain the letter that began the sentence immediately preceding it.  So, the second sentence could not contain the letter E because the first sentence started with E.  The third sentence couldn’t contain T because the second sentence began with T.  And so on…

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