50-Word Story Contest: And the winner is…

First of all, big thanks to everyone who submitted to this last week’s 50-word story contest!  The winning story was written by kkellie and I’m very proud to share it here on my blog.  As a refresher, the challenge was to write a story 40-50 words in length that contains at least one Q, one X, and one eight-letter word.  Here is kkellie’s awesome story:

She’s standing in the desert of lost hope, yeah. Trying to quell the that proverbial tide. Wind whipping. Sand blasting. Existential. Sentimental. She stood there crying cause the girl couldn’t do it.

Zoom out.

Once upon a time. I tried to write. A story.


4 responses to “50-Word Story Contest: And the winner is…

  1. I really enjoy reading your stories, and now that I have a Kindle I’m going to look into your book 🙂 I nominated you for a very inspring blogger award; check this out for details: http://sincerelykaterz.wordpress.com/2013/07/05/freedom-of-speech/

  2. Thank you very much!

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