Extreme Writing Challenge #23: “Silhouette”

It’s strange to have gone over a week without a post, but home renovations threw a wrench in the writing plans this past week!  I’m back on track now with a new story–can you identify the challenge?  It’s probably easier to notice than the past few have been.  I’ll reveal it at the end!


Every morning for one week, Deanne stared down the apple fritter on her kitchen counter with contempt.  Then she proceeded to the bedroom, where she pinched her bare buttocks in front of the mirror as she wondered which shirts in her closet hung low enough to cover such a rear end.

Out of the nine women in the office, Deanne considered herself the least attractive.  She fretted over her weight even though she was, she guessed, the third skinniest woman in the building.  For one week, Deanne committed herself to one of those strange fad diets.  She was forced to boycott pasta, bagels, cheese, pretzels, frozen yogurt.  Smitten as she was with food, Deanne would rather have plucked off all ten of her fingers had it meant she would drop a dress size.

At the end of the week, Deanne shared an unforgettable moment with a pair of boot-cut jeans.  Her heart fluttered as she pulled up on the zipper and was still able to breathe, able to move from side to side without the button popping open.

Flattered by her reflection, Deanne filled a trash bag with the contents of her pantry.  She stuffed the bag with all of her favorite foods until all that was left in her kitchen was a loaf of wheat bread, a carton of egg whites, and half a head of lettuce.

Deanne became bitter toward food.  She bought herself a pair of stilettos and pranced proudly around the office as her waistline shrunk.  The first time the handsome accountant said, “Deanne, you look pretty today,” Deanne celebrated by throwing up the baby carrots she’d eaten for lunch.

Several Mondays came and went until one Monday, Deanne woke up and discovered she’d been admitted to the hospital.  She had been dreaming about a plate of fettuccine that was covered in spiders.  Now awake, Deanne attempted to escape the prison of IVs and beeping machines, but was stopped by her mother, who sat unnoticed by the door.

“In case you’ve forgotten,” whispered Deanne’s mother, “you’re my only child.”  Though she was relieved to finally confront her daughter, a bittersweet taste lingered in her mouth.  “Look how gaunt you’ve gotten.”

Deanne, locked in her mother’s grasp, scoffed, “Mom, it’s just a little diet.”  She collapsed on to the bed, regretting nothing.  Her mother saw a ghost—a silhouette of a skeleton.  But Deanne stared into the mirror across from her and rejoiced in finally attaining beauty.


If you noticed an extra dose of T’s in this story, you’re on the right track.  The challenge was:  Every sentence contains at least one unique word containing a double-T.



2 responses to “Extreme Writing Challenge #23: “Silhouette”

  1. That’s one hell of a story, prompt or no prompt. Well done.

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