What’s Your Favorite Word?

Personally, mine is a tie between “fuzz” and “spoonula.”  But the reason I want to know your favorite word is because I’d like to use it in a story here on my blog.

Starting now (Friday) and continuing through the weekend, I’d like you to post a comment with your favorite word (you do not need to have a WordPress account to comment on my blog).  That’s all.  Easy, right?  On Sunday night, I’ll compile them into a list and I will use every single one in a story.

I’m looking forward to seeing what some of your favorite words are!  🙂



13 responses to “What’s Your Favorite Word?

  1. moist – just because nearly everybody says they hate it hah

  2. Scrumptious is definitely one of my favorites.

  3. For me, it’s à tie between ‘icicle’ and ‘oblivion’.

  4. Nina Sanderson


  5. I love words like succulent and concoction.

  6. Defenestrate, which means “to throw something or someone out a window”. My dog’s favorite word, not surprisingly, is snack.

  7. Kathy Alvarez

    You should also do a story with words that people hate.

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