Extreme Writing Challenge #25: “Champion”

I have to say…after my last challenge, this one was a breeze.  Maybe I should turn to my readers more often for new challenges.  😀  Here’s my latest piece and, as usual, I’ll state the challenge at the end!


Janet was arrested ten minutes before she was announced the winner of the Granite County Cook-off.  A baffled crowd watched as Janet was hauled away in an unmarked police car, still wearing her trademark sequined apron.

The whole day had been iffy from the start.  A three-time champion, Janet had no real need to affirm her status as a master chef.  With little effort, Janet created dishes so divine that even the world’s most renowned chefs begged for her advice.  But on this particular day, some buffoon from the channel 11 news reported that her food was “garish” and “dull.”  Janet hid her offense well on the outside, but inside, she imagined dunking the reporter into one of her pots of boiling water.

Things only worsened when Janet realized she had purchased the wrong brand of truffle oil.  Her husband tried to calm her with a shoulder massage, but when he explained to her that it wasn’t that much of a difference, she slapped him and broke down in tears.

With twenty minutes remaining, Janet discovered her saffron had gone missing.  Her body stiffened as she marched from booth to booth, accusing the other chefs of stealing her ingredients.  “Mark my words,” she told them, her eyes sharp and black like obsidian, “if I lose this competition, you will all suffer!”

Janet’s poor husband shuffled after her, begging her to sit down and have a glass of wine.  But Janet would not relinquish her wrath and by the time she remembered where she had stashed her saffron, she had already kicked one chef in the gonads and ripped off the toupee of another.

Janet finished preparing her food—including her banana saffron muffins—with only seconds remaining.   As the judges convened, an officer arrived to arrest the woman who’d been harassing her competitors.  Janet may have been hauled away in handcuffs, but at least she was now a four-time champion.


Do you think you figured out the challenge?  It is:  Every sentence contains at least one unique word containing a double-F.  



One response to “Extreme Writing Challenge #25: “Champion”

  1. You are really challenging yourself, wow. And that extreme writing challenge. . . I couldn’t have pulled it off, and so eloquently, too. Holy crap. <– Note my decidedly uneloquent expression. 🙂


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