Extreme Writing Challenge #28: “Empty”

Happy SATURDAY!  Here’s a new story for everyone who, like me, is putting off cleaning and running errands.  It’s so hard to be responsible when I’ve got a novel to write and a new set of Candy Crush levels to conquer…….   The challenge for this story will be revealed at the end!


I’ve forgotten how it feels to be hungry.  Or thirsty.  It’s funny how much I’ve changed after being dead for only a day.  I’m light as a feather, what with no bones or muscle to weigh down my body.

I can’t tell if I’m in heaven or hell, leading me to believe I’m in purgatory.  When I came to, I was lying on my back on a bed of dry grass under a slate-colored sky.  No one else is around that I can see; this place is desolate, empty.  Not that I mind it, since it’s a nice change from all the morons I dealt with every day.

My last memory is of sitting on Uncle Jed’s porch, tossing pumpkin seeds at a wild turkey.  Uncle Jed was telling me about the first time he played the harmonica, but I was only half listening to his story.  I wonder now if, when I died, there was some sort of karma at play.  It wasn’t that I was a bad person, but I never went out of my way to do anything good for anybody.  For Uncle Jed, especially.

I walk for—six, seven miles or so—and plan to sit down again when my feet start to hurt, but I forgot that my ability to feel has gone away.  The terrain doesn’t change one bit along the way.  Still a cloudless, bleak sky, still grass that’s yellow-brown and bone dry.

I wonder if this is my final resting place—if moving on to heaven or hell is even a real possibility.  Solitude for eternity.  It would be a blessing and a curse, truthfully.

I’ve never been one to feel lonely.  People make me batty.  Worst case scenario, if I never leave this barren new world, I think I’ll be okay.

The wounds from my death have faded away.  I was only aware Uncle Jed stabbing me a few times, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he kept going past twenty or thirty.

At least here, I’m safe from the hands of the crazy.


The challenge:  Every sentence ends with the letter Y.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


2 responses to “Extreme Writing Challenge #28: “Empty”

  1. And I was trying to see if those double letters meant anything. You are good, I gotta tell ya!! And I really enjoy your little stories. This one caught me by surprise at the end.

    You have a great weekend, too!


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