This Week’s Babble

Random thoughts, observations, and conversations from this past week.

Run4Luv 5k results:  Billy placed 22nd overall and I placed 23rd.  I was #3 in my age group and Billy was #1 in his.  Next is the Shamrock Shuffle!


A woman was walking down Federal Way holding a broom.  Billy and I agreed, she must be a witch.


A man was flapping his arms up and down while jogging.  Maybe he was running fast enough he truly thought he could fly.


Billy:  Well, shit on a field of butter!
Me:  There’s such a thing as a butter field?
Billy:  There sure as shit is!


You’re never too old to enjoy a slinky.


Yesterday (2/12), a girl at school gave Jacob (9 years old) his own special valentine.  Thinking she was confused because it wasn’t yet Valentine’s Day, Jacob put the valentine back into her desk.


Today I joined my parents in sending Sticky over the Rainbow Bridge.  We watched him courageously battle his cancer until he could no longer eat, no longer drink, and no longer lie comfortably against my mom’s back as she slept at night.

After petting him and promising we would take away the pain, we took him to the Cat Doctor where an acquaintance of my parents awaited with the single syringe that would end Sticky’s misery.

My mom sat in a chair with Sticky in her lap, wrapped snugly in one of her sweaters.  I sat in a chair beside them, and as Dr. Lobb prepared Sticky’s leg for the injection, Sticky moved his head and front paws so they rested on my lap.

As the injection began, Sticky immediately began to purr–proof that he would never again feel pain.  As soon as it had begun, it was over.  The beautiful black cat on my lap was at peace, with his eyes open and his tongue hanging out–as if to say, “It’s over, I’ve crossed the Rainbow Bridge and I can be the silly, loving kitty you’ll always remember.”

RIP, Sticky.  You brought my family 14 years of joy and we know you’ll be waiting for us across the Rainbow Bridge.

2/15/14:  Sticky's last look out his favorite window.

2/15/14: Sticky’s last look out his favorite window.


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