This Week’s Babble

Random thoughts, observations, and conversations from the week of February 17, 2014.

At 28 years old, I’m finally bothered by the fact that I can’t wink.


Billy pointed out three see-through tubs of things in the garage I still haven’t unpacked since we moved in December.  In one of them, I could see a ceramic skunk the size of a coffee mug.  “Yeah, I need to get rid of a lot of this stuff,” I told Billy.  “I mean, why the hell do I have a ceramic skunk?”


Billy:  Can I pee on your foot?
Me:  No.
Billy:  What if a jellyfish stings you?
Me:  Uh, okay.  In that case, I’d let you pee on my foot.
Billy:  All right, I’m bringing home a jellyfish tomorrow!


Text conversation between my mother and myself:
Mom:  So I hear your phones and power were down [at work].
Me:  They were indeed.  I had to pee in the pitch dark!
Mom:  And here I was thinking you peed in the toilet.
Me:  Don’t be silly, that’s where all the normal people pee.
Mom:  I pee in the field.
Me:  Yes, abnormal peers unite!
Mom:  Yes, I consider you one of my peers.
Me:  Hahaha…well, pee-ers, then.
Mom:  You stutter.
Me:  It’s all part of my charm.
Mom:  Charmin.  That’s the appropriate tool for all my closest peers.




I’ve lived in this city for 28 years and am amazed to discover things I’ve never seen or noticed before.  Simply realizing that Bergeson and Apple intersect has inspired me to spend more time exploring the hidden treasures in this city.


A squirrel is having a fit in the backyard.  I can’t see him, but I can hear him chattering on.  I wonder if anyone has incorporated a sample of squirrel chatter into a video game–maybe as an intergalactic laser gun of some sort.  It would be perfect.


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