This Week’s Babble

Random thoughts, observations, and conversations from the week of March 9, 2014.

Orville (cat) growls at nearly every noise he hears outside.  Unfortunately, he sounds like one of those slow, long farts that escapes after one loses the battle with trying to hold it in.


It’s strange to be in the restroom at work and see the same shoes you’re wearing on the floor in the stall next to you.


When your biggest fears are spiders, car wrecks, and the apocalypse, it’s frustrating that most of your dreams are about spiders, car wrecks, and the apocalypse. 


Random tidbits from the Shamrock Shuffle race:

1) 5k finish time:  29:04.  Personal record!
2) Billy (husband) finished his first half marathon in two hours, ten minutes.
3) There’s no high quite like being cheered on as you cross the finish line.
4) I had my first green beer after I finished the race.  I was disappointed to discover it still just tastes like beer.
5) Dogs can finish half marathons and look just as energized as if they’d woken up from a five-hour nap.
6) When I have a baby, no matter how athletic I am, I will never be badass enough to push a stroller for an entire race.
7) A surefire way to feel ridiculous is to be passed by a runner wearing a shirt that says “Mommy-to-be.”


A friend held her birthday party tonight at Bodovino.  At one point during the night, I caught her staring at me with a strange expression on her face, and then she said, “Meow?”  I wondered if she was trying to determine whether or not I speak Cat, but it turns out she was cracking a joke about some cat-fur-like attire belonging to another patron.


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