Haikus of a Frustrated Writer

After several lonnnnng months, I have finally (did I put enough emphasis on that FINALLY?!) finished the book I’ve been writing for my dad.  Now that I have one less project on my plate, at least until I start working on my next book, I decided to do a bit of mindless writing that pretty much sums up what the past several months of book-writing have been like.  If you write, you’ll probably relate, and if you don’t write, you’ll hopefully get an idea of what fun you are/aren’t missing out on.  😀

Haikus of a Frustrated Writer

I wrote ninety-nine
stories, but I don’t like one.
Writing, Jay-Z style.

Write about a dog
with knives where his legs should be.
Some prompts are so lame.

Three hours of writing
Final word count has decreased.
Think I need a beer.

A scribble, a scratch.
This story’s a piece of crap.
Now it’s in the trash.

Only a writer
would give up a night of sleep
searching for one word.

I can be normal
or I can be a writer.
But I can’t be both.

With my pencil, I
can change the world; but mostly,
I just change my mind.

One of my favorites.  BUT, an alternate title could be: “A Haiku About Editing Once I Finish Writing My Story”


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