Extreme Writing Challenge #60: ‘Reunion’

SEVEN YEARS. I haven’t written on this blog since 2014, although it feels like sitting down with an old, close friend. I’m excited to be back!

Today’s challenge is: A story less than 300 words in length with ten unique words containing double Z’s.


Peter sat at the kitchen table with a mug of milk and a slice of cold pizza. A light drizzle spattered against the window, perfectly paired with the sad jazz creeping into the space from the bedroom down the hallway.

Peter hated this life.

He stared at the stack of puzzles on the table. They were all 500 pieces, but coming from a second-hand store they were probably 499 pieces. A thin, fuzzy blanket of dust stretched across the one on top. Had they really sat there for that long? It felt like only las week he and Sharon had picked them out.

Peter guzzled the last of the milk. There were still eight quizzes left for him to grade. It was almost finals week, and then what would Peter do with his time?

In the bathroom, Peter splashed water on his face and wiped a wet rag up and down his arms. He had purchased a new shower nozzle to replace the broken one, but this seemed easier for now. A tired grizzly stared back at him from inside the mirror.

Peter’s apartment buzzer crackled to life on the other side of the wall. He shuffled around the corner with a sigh and pushed a button.

“Who is it?”

“Hi, Peter. It’s me. Sharon.”

“Oh. Hi, Sharon.”

“I’ve missed you, Peter. Can I come up and talk?”

Peter pushed another button. He wished he’d changed that showerhead after all.

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