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At six years old, Hope McCain learned how to make Kool-Aid—-not because she liked to drink it, but because it might one day save her father’s life. Her father was a type 1 diabetic with kidney failure, and from an early age she made it her duty to do whatever it took to hold on to him.

Now Hope reflects on the 25 years since her father became ill, and how even the simplest moments with him have shaped her life. She has watched her father endure type 1 diabetes, end-stage renal failure, a double-organ transplant, cancer, and organ rejection. His determination that has helped him to live more than 15 years beyond one doctor’s promise that he’d never see his only daughter graduate from high school, has given Hope a unique appreciation for the idea of never giving up.

Inspired by the Gracie Allen quote, “Never place a period where God has placed a comma,” Comma: A Memoir of Believing in the Promise of Every Moment embraces that life is incredible because there is no telling what the next moment will bring. For anyone enduring a battle with illness or for those looking for hope and encouragement during a time of perpetual worry, Comma is a reminder that every second contains a glimmer of promise.


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If English consisted of only monosyllabic words, how would it change the way we express our thoughts? If one of our five vowels were to vanish from existence, how would we continue to convey our ideas?

If both were to happen, would we still be able to tell stories?

Impossible Words is a collection of 25 short stories that are bound by these limitations. Each section contains five stories and is represented by one of the five vowels of the English alphabet. The stories in each section are all absent of the vowel by which the section is represented, and every word in every story contains only one syllable.

Impossible? You will have to read it and see for yourself.

These stories are a testament to the idea that even the smallest vocabulary cannot restrict the boundless imagination.





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